Clipping service or monitoring tool: which one to choose?

clipping service

Clipping service or monitoring tool? This is a very common question when it comes to optimizing the routine of monitoring and analyzing news.

After all, both alternatives speed up the daily routine of many professionals. Furthermore, they guarantee a complete look at a brand’s image in the press.

However, however mutually exclusive the options may seem, understand that these are two sides of the same coin.

Clipping service and monitoring tool can coexist in the same space. And this helps you guarantee good professional results.

Clipping service vs. monitoring tool: 2 sides of the same coin

First of all, realize that both alternatives solve the same problem: news monitoring as a bottleneck in communication agencies and in companies of various niches.

It is important to talk about this because many professionals still do clipping manually. And this represents loss of news, rework and stress on a daily basis.

So the best way to ensure complete and quality monitoring is to optimize the process.

When we want to optimize the strategy, two options arise: the clipping service and professional monitoring tools.

The great point is that these alternatives are not mutually exclusive.

There is no such thing as the best choice.

There is the option that best fits your professional routine and meets your expectations.

Therefore, we have selected the main characteristics of clipping service and monitoring tools to help you decide which path to choose.

Clipping service: agility for those who need everything ready

The clipping service is a solution to optimize news monitoring. In addition, it ensures an agile and analytical look at journalistic content.

Media monitoring service companies are enterprises focused on doing a complete and individualized news monitoring for large companies and communication agencies, for example.

After all, large companies and agencies often need to receive a ready and analytical clipping to help with issues such as:

  • Business decision making.
  • Identification of negative stories about the brand.
  • Measuring the clipping, quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Strategic eye in image crisis.
  • Agility and punctual delivery on a daily basis.

And this is possible because the clipping service has a team of professionals responsible for constantly monitoring news for the clients.

This monitoring is generally aligned with you. After all, media monitoring service companies are partners who help you achieve and deliver assertive results about your brand.

Besides all this, the clipping service also acts in the construction of periodical reports about your company’s image in the journalistic contents, aligning the language and the data that need to be inserted in the document.

Monitoring tool: freedom to be strategic

A monitoring tool is another alternative to optimize the news clipping routine.

This type of platform is a technology that can be accessed from any computer and guarantees data saved in the cloud.

In other words, it is an alternative for those who need the freedom to be strategic anytime, anywhere.

This means that the searches you build on the platform are set up to bring results automatically.

In addition, the tool works with the use of keywords and filters to segment the results of news monitoring.

And this allows you to build well-defined searches about your brand, the competition, and the market niche.

Finally, If you believe that the media monitoring service is the best option for your routine, why don’t you request a quote from our clipping service Knewin Monitoring? Our team can help you extract valuable data from news content, all with the agility and precision you need.