Knewin Analytics

Platform to measure the results achieved by brands with precision and agility.

Predictive analysis

Platform for predictive analysis, with market trends, impact and general metrics, which helps our clients to understand their own competitive positioning.

Media Analytics

Guide the monitoring of your brand by data related to the audiences of the articles and invest in themes that favor your image in the media.

Automated articles classification

The articles are classified automatically according to the crossing of the following information:

  • Keyword.
  • Impact.
  • Content classification (negative and positive).
  • ROI (Return on Investment).

Knewin solutions allow us to follow the market in different industries that we operate in a fast and objective way. With that, we are able to monitor and react quickly to any news.

Kesi Medeiros, Customer Experience DLL

Optimized reporting

Cross information provides a clear view of media behavior in relation to your brand’s themes of interest.

Competition analysis

Know the performance of your audience Vs the competition.

One Page Reports

The most important data gathered in a daily report.

Analytical Dashboard

Strategic filters, pageviews, impact, business equivalence and reports with consolidated data for the month or period.

Cross information

Understand your brand ROI when crossing media data.

Crisis management reports

Monitoring, alerts and reports for crisis management.

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