Knewin Enterprise

Interface for your company to monitor the information of all customers without complication.

Corporate solution for customized monitoring

100% integrable for companies that already have proprietary systems and need the information base collected by Knewin.

Easy setup interface

Our interface sends large amounts of content directly to your company’s system without the need for a developer to parameterize the API.

Display panel with all searches

Measure the consumption of news and count on the support of data like:

  • Print, radio and TV clipping
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Collaborative programming grid
  • Definition of the monitoring periodicity.

Enterprise Premium Option

If your company does not have time to do news clipping, Knewin offers the Premium modality, in which our team does the curating and clipping of news relevant to the brands.

We have the philosophy of not wanting to reinvent the wheel, especially when there are strategic partners capable of providing us with very high-level solutions guaranteeing the best value delivery to our customers. Knewin is one of our leading providers of press data with Knewin Enterprise. We place full trust in this partnership.

Eduardo Prange, CEO at Zeeng Data Driven Platform

Periodic monitoring

Set periodicity for monitoring and controlling the intervals at which the system will perform certain searches.

Print, radio and TV clipping

Select the news segments with agility

Programming grid

View the program grid

Own Technology

Differential and value in deliveries, which facilitates access to support and the inclusion of new sources.

Collection timeline

View Knewin system operation 24/7

Strategic filters

Filter search results by media type and channel. View full news details.

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