Knewin Monitoring

Service that unites Knewin’s technology with the individualized service of the media monitoring team.

Technology + specialized service

Service that unites Knewin’s monitoring platforms with highly specialized professionals to help our clients in their journey of monitoring, studying news and gaining insights.

Autonomy for monitoring

Knewin Monitoring has a platform to guarantee autonomy in the review of matters or possible directions for specific issues involving the monitored brand.

Analytical data and newsletter sending

Distribute the content and get reports according to your needs.

  • Audience data and valuation
  • Feeling of the matters
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Classification of the matter as Spontaneous or Provocated (return of some campaign).

Knewin is one of the most technological companies we have ever seen. Its tools considerably decrease the time spent on mechanical activities. The flexibility of services allows us to adapt case by case.

Thiago Almada, coordinator of FSB Inteligência alerts center.

Knewin Alerts

Real-time news alert application.

Sentiment ranking

The tone of the matter is recognised as positive, negative or neutral.

Highly specialized team

One of the largest teams of journalists graduated and in training

Reports for your needs

Daily reports according to what you need.

Own technology

Transcription technology that monitors online, print, radio and TV vehicles with the inclusion of new sources in a fast way.

Retroactive searches and Filters

Retroactive searches and filters so that the result is exactly what you want.

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