Knewin News

Complete self-service tool for news monitoring and analysis. Assess the impact of your PR actions.

Monitor news quickly and comprehensively

The platform has an agile search system for monitoring news in over 80 languages and in print, online, TV and radio sources.

Analyze data in real time

Our technology decodes thousands of data in real time for you to keep your analytical eye on at all times.

Smart Reports

Smart-Newsletter and Smart-Report help you report news monitoring results.

  • Automated delivery
  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Strategic news analysis
  • Demonstrate your campaign performance and ROI.

Knewin News is a key tool for agencies like MercadoCom, with global reach.

Carlos Pinho, general coordinator of MercadoCom

Unlimited keywords

Unlimited keyword search.

Agile and intelligent reports

Automated intelligent daily reports ready for presentation.

Largest base in Latin America

Over 1 million online, radio, print and TV sources.

Follow strategic themes

Track brands, personalities, market themes and map the actions of competitors.

News alerts via e-mail

Receive daily alerts on themes of interest.

Retroactive monitoring

Analyze brand mentions in the last 6 months.

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