Knewin Social

Platform with Artificial Intelligence: monitor mentions about brands, products, personalities and existing pages in social networks.

Centralized social network monitoring

Manage all your social profiles through one platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Know the feeling of your brand

Artificial Intelligence to automatically categorize the sentiment of mentions about brands (neutral, negative, positive, favorable and unfavorable).

Export automated reports

Over 15 types of reports. Transform social media monitoring into strategic reports with the support of data like:

  • Main search terms and hashtags
  • Major influencers and detractors
  • Brand Buzz by Media
  • Main mentions related to your brand

Knewin Social presents a friendly interface and gives precision to the monitoring of topics of customers interests. With Knewin, we started to deliver even more robust results in the social media area.

Fernanda Campos, Associate Director – Bureau de Ideias Associadas, Press and Strategic Communication

Monitoring and management

Sac 2.0 optimized and posting scheduling.

Competition analysis

Monitor your competition on major social media.

Brand influencers

Identification of influencers and brand detractors.

Categorized monitoring

Organize monitoring by strategic categories.

Monitor mentions automatically

Automated searches to identify mentions about your brand and strategic themes.

Campaign analysis

Identify the impact of your brand on social media.

Know all the resources of the Knewin Social tool