Utilizamos Inteligência Artificial em nossa ferramenta

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizamos Inteligência Artificial em nossa ferramenta

Using artificial intelligence to monitor data in more than 80 languages in digital, print, TV and radio sources.

Optimize News Monitoring for Your Company

  • Sem limites de palavra-chave

    No keyword limit

    There are no limits on keywords, number of searches, or reports. Access over one million news sources and monitor with autonomy to gain insightful data and comprehensive analytics for effective market planning.

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    Analytical Reports

    Track and examine key metrics showing your brand’s position and coverage with our analytical reports and stored cloud information.

  • Sistema de Filtros

    Filter System

    With our customizable filter system, you determine what news sources to monitor and how to personalize reports to show the business insights you need.

Otimize o monitoramento de notícias para sua empresa

Optimized Business Insights To Suit Your Process

Smart-Newsletter and Smart-Report functions are essential business intelligence tools.


Smart-Newsletter is a daily summary
sent directly to your inbox.
knewin News Tool


Smart-Report Is a flexible and automated report that allows marketing professionals to customize their views to specific periods of time.
knewin News Tool

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