Inteligencia Artificial

Our Platform Uses Artificial Intelligence

Inteligencia Artificial

With simplified configuration and with the help of artificial intelligence, this tool allows you to accurately monitor brand mentions, products, influencers and pages on social networks.

Automated Sentiment Analysis

Análise de Sentimentos Automatizada

Sentiment analysis is a tool used to analyze how receptive the public is to your brand by providing insights from comments, assessments and publications.

Knewin Social automates this process, categorizing the mentions in neutral, negative and positive, which gives you the data you need to identify influencers and detractors of opinion.

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Análise de Sentimentos Automatizada
Otimização de Processos de Gestão

Influencer Management Process Optimization

Otimização de Processos de Gestão

The Platform optimizes social network management processes, such as scheduling posts and ensuring you correctly classify influencers and detractors in your social channels.

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