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In many cases, it may be enough simply to know the FTC's rules, but every business is different and legal gray areas may arise. Traditional telemarketers are governed by the FTCs Telemarketing Sales Rule, which went into effect in its present form in 1995.

It is quite another to be interrupted while surfing the Internet by an advertisement for the same product. Additional concerns of the FTC include how to handle unsolicited advertising on the Internet. In other circumstances a disclosure may be allowed to be available via a link in an advertisement.

It is one thing to actively seek out websites selling a pair of tennis shoes that you want.

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2 Thus, theculture encompasses both the observable customs, behavioral norms, stories, andrites that occur in an organization as well as the unobservable assumptions, alues, beliefs, and ideas shared by groups.

The most common means of measuring organizational culture is tosurvey an adequate sampling of staff. Independentdouble checks should be done on error prone processes such as the use of highalert medications. A sample checklist of an independent double check isavailable in the December2008 issue of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!

An organization s culture can be found in the pattern ofshared basic assumptions about the organization s values what is important beliefs how things work and behaviors the way we do things that have beentaught to the workforce in both explicit and implicit ways. Nurse Advise-ERR.


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