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Tics spasmodic twitching of certain muscles, usually of the face or neck may be exacerbated by treatment, or may appear during treatment in some cases. They may allow intellectual capabilities to function more appropriately but they cannot increase knowledge.

The most common side effects include decreased appetite, insomnia, increased anxiety, increased irritability, stomach ache, and headache. Side effects are quite common, but are usually minor and often disappear when the dose is adjusted.

Higher doses usually produce more side effects. Weight loss and slowing of growth in height may occur in children on psychostimulant medication so growth rates should be monitored.

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Together, this team uses sophisticated analytical techniques to synthesize and test new drug products and to develop the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of production. Most chemists in traditional research careers are Ph. chemists, while chemists with B. degrees generally serve as research technicians.

Medicinal chemists are focused on drug discovery and development and are concerned with the isolation of medicinal agents found in plants, as well as the creation of new synthetic drug compounds.

Most chemists work with a team of scientists from different disciplines, including biologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, theoretical chemists, microbiologists, and biopharmacists. They also improve the processes by which existing pharmaceuticals are made. Basic research into how various chemicals affect biological systems Drug development, including formulating drugs used to treat patients with diseases Testing potential new bio-active compounds in patient populations Developing guidelines for how new pharmaceuticals will be such as chemists at the U.

Food and Drug Administration FDA who review new drug applications from pharmaceutical companies and the processes by which the substances are made Generally, pharmaceutical companies prefer to hire people with research experience, advanced degrees especially in organic chemistry and at least two years of post-doctoral experience.


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