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We have distribution partners strategically located throughout all the agricultural growing regions of the United States. Bone marrow transplant is a life-saving treatment for people with leukemia, lymphoma and many other diseases.

Combine the value of generic products with our team of experienced professionals and you are sure to save money. These distribution partners have been selected to distribute our products because they provide excellent product knowledge and customer service to the American farmer. See if you meet the health requirements to join the registry.

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This is an important health concern. For example, a below-age of consent patient came to a doctor with a sexually transmitted disease. In some jurisdictions, the doctor cannot be forced to reveal the information revealed by his patient to anyone except to particular organizations, as specified by law, and they too are required to keep that information confidential. The doctor is usually required to obtain a list of the patient's sexual contacts to inform them that they need treatment.

If, in the case, the police become aware of such information, they are not allowed to use it in court as proof of the sexual misconduct, except as provided by express intent of the legislative body and formalized into law. However, the patient may be reluctant to divulge the names of his or her older sexual partners, for fear that they will be charged with statutory rape.

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