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For more information, please review the Terms and If your child has trouble reading and spelling, speech therapy may not seem like the obvious answer. Many people think that speech therapists only work with people who have trouble making certain sounds articulation or who have stutters or lisps.

We do not market to or offer services to individuals in the European Union.

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They conclude that this hormone plays a crucial role in preparing the womb for and sustaining a pregnancy. Scientists make a crucial breakthrough in reproductive biology. The discovery that the pituitary gland functions as a "remote control system in human reproduction" leads directly to the invention of the first pregnancy test.

Almost 30 years after the discovery of hormones, scientists at the University of Rochester in New York identify progesterone, the ovarian hormone.

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A single episode of an erection problem is often a temporary problem that is easy to reverse. Don't assume it will happen again. Watchful waiting means a "wait-and-see" approach.


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