Turn reputation into a competitive advantage

Reputation management and brand exposure to promote lasting connections with audiences in the pursuit of outstanding results


Knewin offers solutions for reputation management and exposure for companies and brands.



Engaged audiences prefer your brand over others. Transform the sentiments of your brand’s audiences into actions that promote engagement and superior business results through a proactive and actionable reputation management.


Monitor your brand image broadly and gain valuable insights for your positioning strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Understand your brand’s image in real-time through your stakeholders to manage crises effectively and protect the business’s value.


Expose your brand by impacting your audiences with messages that strengthen your reputation and address stakeholders‘ expectations with commitments and actions.


Position brand messages for your audiences in the main media outlets in Latin America in order to build authority and a strong reputation.

Companies that trust our solutions

The service is an essential ally to understand our work and apply the best strategies. Reliable clipping is like an airport control tower, allowing landings and takeoffs with total safety. Unreliable data, on the other hand, can lead to errors and strategic disasters..

Ricardo Stefanelli, Marketing Content Head | SERASA (ECS)

A Knewin é uma ferramenta fundamental para agências, como a MercadoCom, com abrangência global.

Carlos Pinho, coordenador geral da MercadoCom

Sua equipe de profissionais desenvolveu um novo formato de clipping diário, criado sob medida, a partir da demanda dos nossos clientes internos. Para uma empresa inovadora, é essencial contar com parceiros que também tenham a capacidade de inovar.

Carlos Abdalla, Gerente de Relações Corporativas da Robert Bosch América Latina

A Knewin é uma das empresas mais tecnológicas que já vimos. Suas ferramentas diminuem consideravelmente o tempo gasto em atividades mecânicas. A flexibilidade de serviços nos permite adaptar caso a caso.

Thiago Almada, coordenador da central de alertas da FSB Inteligência.


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Knewin is the largest reputation management company with data intelligence in Latin America, serving over 2000 clients.

We assist companies and brands with reputation management and exposure through data intelligence solutions to promote connections with their audiences, aiming to gain their preference and enabling better business results.

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