About Knewin


Established in Florianópolis, Brazil


Entry of KPTL (former Inseed Investments)

Zubit Acquisition

Oficina de Clipping Acquisition


MyClipp Acquisition

DataClip Acquisition


Editorial Link Acquisition

Varjao Clipping Acquisition

Plugar Incorporation

Monitori Acquisition

Entry of Invisto


MITI Acquisition

Founded in 2011, Knewin is a technology company whose purpose is to make information useful and accessible to its customers.

Through our global solutions platform, we help companies to have a comprehensive and strategic vision of their brands within traditional and new media, using big data analytics and artificial intelligence, generating more value, knowledge and competitiveness for business.

Knewin has the largest database in Latin America for media monitoring, in addition to intelligence and data analysis solutions for the communication and marketing segments.


To make information useful and accessible for our customers.


To be the largest company in Latin America for traditional and social media monitoring and analytics until 2021 in terms of revenue.


Freedom with responsibility, productivity, simplicity and discipline.