4 essential metrics or indicators for your Public relations strategy

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Although communication and public relations are not exact disciplines like physics or mathematics, it is also true that having measurable and quantifiable criteria will always be of great help to obtain great results. But can they be obtained?

It is right here where the great challenge of public relations, marketing, or advertising appears, and questions arise about how to measure the execution of a super creative idea or identify the quality in the reception of messages in our audiences. 

Fortunately, technological advances in areas such as big data or machine learning allow us to have more tools and resources to quantify and measure the quality of our campaigns in different media.

Tools like Knewin Monitoring, to mention just one example, greatly facilitate this introspective, strategic and necessary work for public relations, since they allow executives to take advantage of the power of technology to obtain a millimetric and precise view with which to improve their ideas.

Through this advanced media monitoring platform, it is possible to measure all types of desired criteria, or as many as necessary to ensure the success of a project.

4 essential metrics for your Public relations strategy

However, there are 4 metrics that, no matter what your strategy or objective is, are essential to ensure that your product or service is on track to stay top of mind for your audience for a long time:

1. Sentiment classification

Is it possible to measure the sentiment generated in people regarding issues, news or our campaign? Of course! 

One of the advantages of working with one of the most advanced news and content analysis platforms on the market is that your results reports are not only limited to the number of hits or clicks but give you a qualitative overview of your strategy, based on the interaction your audience has with the information you have released, allowing you a much deeper and more strategic understanding.

2. Real-time valuation return on investment

Another fundamental aspect to measure to ensure the success of our campaigns is the return on investment through advertising valuation in the media. Through this metric, we can know if we have hit the nail on the head with the media or channels we choose to publish our messages.

Moreover, with Knewin you can access these metrics in real-time, allowing you to make adjustments to your strategy accordingly and at the right time.

3. Reach-in audience levels

Although qualitative analysis is gaining more and more relevance in public relations and advertising strategies, we cannot ignore the importance of always knowing the total number of people we have reached.

In addition, with our tools, you have the advantage of analyzing the mentions of the brand in the last 6 months, in order to keep you alert of different media events at all times, and thus take advantage of any trend that will give a boost to your brand or even avoid possible crises.

4. Channel performance

The different spaces and media are always great allies for the work of public relations, however, it may happen that the media that we think have a good engagement with its audience, turns out to be a counterproductive idea for our strategy.

Through the Knewin Score, which gathers 14 variables and 4 dimensions to generate scores for your brand and competitors in all types of media, you can quantitatively identify the performance of the channel for your messages, which ensures you not only reach a greater number of people, but also the most appropriate for your business objectives.

As you can see, not only is a great idea enough to succeed in the world of public relations, it is also necessary to measure and quantify its impact and results in a quantitative and qualitative way, to ensure success.

If you want to learn more about how to correctly measure and leverage the power of analytics in your PR strategy, do not hesitate to contact one of our executives.