Clipping service: the value of media monitoring service

clipping service

The clipping service provided by clippers is a subject that needs to be addressed in a blog about press relations. After all, this is an alternative to make news monitoring much more strategic.

If you still don’t recognize the value of the service provided by the clippers, our post will help you understand this aspect. These companies play an essential role in obtaining a complete and strategic panorama of the press advisory clients’ image.

The clipping service facilitates the routine of the press offices

It all starts when we detect that news monitoring is a bottleneck. In other words, it is a strategy that demands too much time to be completed. When this happens, we look for an alternative to optimize our media monitoring routine. And that is where the clipping service comes in.

The clipping service is offered by clipping companies, firms that have a team of professionals specialized in monitoring news and delivering complete reports to clients. The professionals who work in clippers spend their days focused on monitoring news content. In addition, they analyze the stories based on strategic metrics.

These metrics may have to do with centimeters. Or with sentiment analysis. Or, still, with other interesting aspects for the competitiveness of companies in the digital information age.

The important thing is to understand that the clipping service goes hand in hand with the advisory agencies. It is as if it were a partnership to optimize the routine and to deliver increasingly accurate results for clients.

However, when one thinks of a clipping service, it is common for the following question to arise: how do I know if the clipping service will fit into my press advisory routine?

Which professionals benefit from the clipping service?

Amid options such as clipping service, news monitoring platform, and search engines, the question may arise as to which option is best for your routine. And it is important to stress “best for your routine”. After all, press offices experience the most diverse scenarios in the digital age.

Professionals can serve multiple clients, which can be large, medium or small. And this will influence when you decide the best way to do clipping on a daily basis.

When we talk about clippers, we enter a scenario in which the advisor (or the manager of a company) receives the information ready and the reports prepared. In other words, all the work will be performed by the clipping service.

Based on this idea, you may notice that the clippers are great choices for:

  1. Consultancies that serve large clients.
  2. Communication departments of large companies. In this scenario, managers need information ready on the table.
  3. Communication agencies that do not have enough time to do news clipping.
  4. Professionals who want a thorough analysis of journalistic content, to prove results or anticipate trends.
  5. Press offices that want a well-segmented media monitoring. That is, a clipping that counts only with the news vehicles that are of most interest to the clients.

With these points in mind, you can identify if the clipping service of the clippers will be a key piece in your external communication routine. Besides performing well-segmented media monitoring, the clippers are also known for doing the work of measuring results.

Clipping service and result measurement go hand in hand

Those who hire the services of a clipping company benefit from ready-made clipping reports. These documents are well structured and well aligned with what is expected by press relations clients.

The professionals who do the clipping service are focused on extracting valuable information from the news content and analyzing it from a perspective that seeks specific results.

It is possible to obtain reports with vehicle audience, with centimeters and, most interestingly, with sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis is a relevant strategy in the context of digital advisory. After all, it allows us to identify which contents are positive or negative for our clients. And this helps us to draw contingency action plans.

The great point of sentiment analysis is that it needs to have the help of the human eye. After all, the Portuguese language contains many subtle aspects, such as irony.

So, investing in clipping services provides communication agencies and internal advisory sectors in companies with a clipping focused on categorization based on the sentiment of the story.

This will help you make more assertive decisions when preparing releases. In addition, managers will be able to understand more effectively the brand positioning in the digital era.

Clipping service versus news monitoring tool

Another common doubt that appears when we want to optimize clipping is the following: do I hire a clipping service or invest in a monitoring platform?

First, understand that both choices are valid and valuable. The two options coexist in the digital advisory. There is space for clippers and for monitoring platforms in the scenario of instant information.

As we have already said in this post, the clipping service is a great choice for consulting firms that serve large companies, which need well-segmented media monitoring and a ready report, with well-defined metrics.

The clippers work as a strategic partnership to deliver effective results. In addition, they help prove the value of the press office. In turn, the monitoring platforms (a subject that we frequently address here on the blog) speed up the work of press advisors who wish to have control in relation to clipping.