Knewin Intelligence

We empower your brand decision making through accurate and personalized data.

Data Intelligence Unit

Intelligence Center with expertise in the communication, marketing and sales segments. We work with value proposal of decision support.

Market Intelligence

Market analysis aiming at the strategic improvement of the client through the generation of analyses and reports and relying on a network of experts operating throughout Brazil.

Intelligence in Communication

Use of Knewin technology for capturing and collecting information to generate insights related to the company’s positioning:

  • Social Intelligence
  • Clipping
  • Press and Ad Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Communication Relevance Indicator (IRC)

The partnership conducted in 2018 allowed us to create and systematize a robust process of reading and understanding relationships within and outside the competitive environment, as well as thinking about the future of the organization through prospecting scenarios.

Gustavo Aprile Porto Rossi, Strategy & Innovation Specialist – Sicredi

Flashes and One Page Report

From the daily monitoring of the competition and market reports and analyses are generated for your brand’s needs

BI and Analytics Solutions

Developed from structured and unstructured data to support decision making.

Relevant Themes Spreadsheet

Daily information and about topics of interest such as competitors, regulatory market, sales channels, among others.

Social Intelligence Area

Get benchmarks and measure brand reputation to the public.

Profile Report

Portrait of the client to analyze his positioning in a given scenario.

6 pillars of knowledge

Sales, competition, branding, regulatory, government and innovation.

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