Digital clipping: how companies can benefit from the strategy

digital clipping

When talking about digital clipping, it is common to think of the strategy used by communication professionals to monitor news. But there is a point we need to emphasize: business managers can also benefit from monitoring journalistic content.

After all, news provides valuable information for positioning companies in the era of digital competitiveness.

But for this to be something feasible, it is important that you understand what digital clipping is and how to take advantage of it to improve a brand’s image.

What is digital clipping?

Digital clipping is the term used to talk about the strategy of monitoring content, journalistic or not, in the digital information scenario.

This strategy is widely used in the routine of press offices and communication agencies.

After all, it is a way to identify journalistic articles that mention the clients and to verify agendas and releases that have been successful. In other words, it is a way to measure the results of communication actions.

The big point is that news clipping has undergone several transformations because of the digital landscape. Today, it is not only the print, radio and TV that matter.

In order to do an effective digital clipping, we have to search for content on websites, blogs, news portals, videos, social networks, among other information channels.

In other words, the clipping performed in the digital environment is much more complete than the news monitoring that was done by press offices in the traditional communication scenario.

Today, we have a significant amount of information at our disposal. And this means more strategic content that mentions brands, public figures, and market movements.

What we do with this information is what will differentiate a simple news clipping from an advantageous analysis for the positioning of companies.

3 advantages of digital clipping for companies

To give you an idea of the power of the information we obtain in the digital clipping, we have selected 3 advantageous aspects of the strategy for the positioning of companies.

However, here is a reminder: news is just news if we do not analyze it according to metrics and objectives.

After all, in order to extract relevant and valuable information from a journalistic content, we have to know what we want to identify, as well as we need to learn to analyze what is between the lines.

Moreover, in many cases, we have to be strategic to understand why one market move is good for my company and another move is a threat.

It all depends on context and a good brand diagnosis, as well as the concern to build an effective SWOT matrix.

1- Monitoring the competition

One of the advantages of digital clipping for the positioning of companies is the possibility of monitoring the actions of the competition.

Monitoring competitors is already a well-known strategy for company managers. After all, this helps ensure a strategic look at everything that other brands are doing.

This allows us to draw strategies to improve competitiveness and to keep us steps ahead of other organizations.

Ok, but where does clipping come into this process?

When we monitor content, journalistic or otherwise, we can make the search more comprehensive than our own scenario.

2- Identification of opportunities and threats

The second advantage of doing digital clipping: the possibility to identify all market movements.

And anyone who works with business management knows that this is essential to make more accurate decisions and to avoid missteps.

After all, we cannot forget that a company is inserted in a social, economic, political, and technological context.

Thus, any change in these poles can significantly affect the positioning of a brand.

Thus, it is possible to use clipping to monitor all the contents related to the political and technological fields, for example.

With this monitoring, you can assess whether market movements represent opportunities or threats to your brand. And it helps you avoid costly missteps.

3- Crisis management with agility

Another advantage of digital clipping for positioning companies is the possibility of anticipating and managing crises with agility.

First, understand that no company is safe from crises in the digital scenario.

And secondly, realize that the best way to deal with crises is to have the right information to avoid slip-ups.

In this, news clipping plays a fundamental role.

By monitoring your brand, you can identify all the contents that talk about you. With this, it is possible to evaluate the contents in negative and positive.

This evaluation of sentiment allows you to check what ground your brand is standing on.

Moreover, when we talk about crises, clipping works as an ally because it guarantees the necessary agility to understand the panorama of the situation and to manage the scenario in a strategic way.

How to do digital clipping with agility

Now that you understand the advantages of digital clipping, we need to address another topic: how to monitor news with precision and agility?

And this questioning is essential for business managers. After all, holes in the monitoring can be very costly at the end of the day, right?

So, it is important that you realize that it is not possible to do clipping manually.

Thus, there are 2 alternatives to ensure agility and accuracy to news monitoring: media monitoring service companies and monitoring tools.

Media monitoring service companies

Media monitoring service companies such as Knewin Monitoring are another alternative for bringing agility and accuracy to news monitoring.

These companies are totally focused on the execution of news monitoring. That is, they have teams of professionals focused on tracking content about a particular brand, with the help of strategic keywords.

The differential of media monitoring companies is that they help large companies to keep an eye on everything that can be essential to enhance competitiveness and improve organizational positioning.

Thus, they unite technology (monitoring tool) to individualized service. In addition, they bring to the digital clipping an analytical look from the creation of very detailed reports on what was monitored.

So, if you think that the media monitoring service companies is the service that can meet your company’s needs, click here and request a quote at Knewin Monitoring.