News monitoring: an ally in image crises

News monitoring

News monitoring and image crisis management go hand in hand. The result is improved brand reputation care in the age of digital competitiveness.

After all, from the monitoring of journalistic content, it is possible:

  1. Detect crisis triggers.
  2. Understand the market movements.
  3. Obtain feedback on the brand’s positioning in the digital environment.

This makes news monitoring a complete tool for professionals who work with brand management. And we cannot forget the companies that want to take more accurate steps in the conquest of better results.

4 benefits of news monitoring for image crises

When we talk about image crisis management, many companies think of media training, press conferences, and crisis rooms. However, one cannot forget about news monitoring.

The good old monitoring, also known as clipping, is a card up our sleeve to prevent and manage crisis situations.

After all, this tool helps us capture information shared by the press. This facilitates the understanding of the brand image.

Moreover, we cannot forget that news media are sources of information for various consumers.

In other words, monitoring news means the following: building a more aligned communication with the public in delicate situations for the company’s reputation.

That is why we have decided to select 4 reasons why news monitoring is the missing piece of information for effectively caring for your brand’s image.

1- Identifying image crisis triggers

One of the benefits of news monitoring is the possibility of detecting triggers that can initiate image crises.

These triggers can be:

  1. Detect crisis triggers.
  2. Understand the market movements.
  3. Obtain feedback on the brand’s positioning in the digital environment.

And this makes news monitoring a complete tool for professionals who work with brand management. And we cannot forget the companies that want to take more accurate steps in the conquest of better results.

Of course, we can talk about media training and social media training here.

However, the purpose of this post is precisely to show that monitoring journalistic content helps you identify image crisis triggers.

By constantly monitoring the news that mentions your brand, you can anticipate and detect a delicate situation even before the crisis sets in.

That is, by detecting the fact that may initiate a crisis, you have time to build a contingency action that avoids the deepening of the delicate situation.

In other words, more tranquility for your professional routine.

2- Sentiment analysis of journalistic content

The second point that makes news monitoring essential for image crisis management is the possibility to analyze the sentiment of journalistic content.

Sentiment analysis is a tool based on 4 aspects:

  1. News monitoring.
  2. Analysis of news content.
  3. Categorization of contents into neutral, negative and positive.
  4. Identification of actions to contain negative situations.

In other words, sentiment analysis allows companies to understand how the press mentions the brand. And this is important to avoid noise with consumers.

In crisis situations, for example, sentiment analysis is a strategic tool to get an overview of the fragile situation of the company.

That is, you can map the negative mentions about the brand that have appeared in the press.

Finally, with this mapping in hand, it is possible to build actions to circumvent the image crisis efficiently.

And the result is the reduction of negative impacts on your brand’s reputation.

3 – Agility in decision making

The third reason that makes news monitoring a card up the sleeve in times of crisis is the agility in the decision-making process.

During crises, company managers and communication professionals need to be agile, careful, and precise.

After all, the process of building a solid reputation takes time. However, a poorly managed crisis can throw everything out of whack.

So, news monitoring appears to facilitate the routine of company managers and professionals who take care of the external communication of brands.

With the monitored news information, it is possible to identify:

  1. Triggers.
  2. Possible image associations.
  3. And unfoldings of the crisis.

And the more precise these steps are, the less damage to the brand’s reputation it will face.

So, use the information from the monitored news that mentions your brand to build communication actions that are really effective to overcome the crisis scenario.

4- Understanding weaknesses and threats

Fourth advantage of combining news monitoring and crisis management: accurate perception of brand weaknesses and threats.

By constantly monitoring news outside of the crisis situation, you can identify movements in the market and the brand’s competitors.

In this way, you can detect external threats that can affect your organization’s performance.

In addition, you identify internal weaknesses that limit the company’s positioning.

In other words, news content monitoring goes far beyond the analysis of mentions about the brand. It can be a complete tool to avoid missteps along the way.

Understanding the company’s weaknesses avoids making decisions that can be a double-edged sword for you.

In turn, knowing the market and competition movements allows you to identify threats that may cause instability in your relationship with strategic publics.

And what does this have to do with image crisis prevention? Everything.

By knowing your brand’s boundaries, you avoid taking steps into unsafe territory. And that means fewer chances of unnecessary crises along the way.

How to do effective news monitoring for image crises

Know that it is not enough just to understand the advantages of the duo news monitoring and crisis management.

It is also necessary to know how to execute the strategy with the precision and agility required by the digital reality.

And to do an effective news monitoring, you can use the service of a media monitoring company.

Media monitoring service companies.

The media monitoring service companies, or clipping service, is an alternative that fits the routine of large companies and communication agencies that serve multiple clients.

After all, the clipping service, such as Knewin Monitoring, has a team focused on accurate and analytical news monitoring.

In other words, it is a monitoring of information focused on the thorough analysis of what is being reported in the press and in social networks.

Finally, know that the choice of a clipper or a news monitoring tool depends on your professional reality.

If you are in doubt, why don’t you contact us to understand how we can help you manage image crises more effectively? Our team is waiting for your contact. Just click here.